Cold Storage

Cold-Storage-MontagePremier Building Solutions Cold Storage Sealants and Flashing products are designed specifically for the cold storage industry and unmatched in the marketplace today.  Whether building a wall panel or sealing around an opening, Premier Building Solutions have the products that will live up to harsh conditions and the most stringent expectations.  With products like our non-skinning rubber butyl sealant, our food grade, NSF approved silicone for direct food contact, our advanced polymer hybrid sealants and our membrane, peel and stick flashing, our products will stand up to the demands of the job.

The versatility of Premier’s MS Polymer sealants and rigid Butyl Flashings, along with its insulation properties, structural strength, and adhesion performance, make it a popular choice for applications where fill is needed for a variety of different-shaped cavities or structures.

First Choice for Professionals

Since our products are tough and durable and remain flexible under extreme conditions, the XtraBond line of sealants, foam and flashing products make them the first choice for professionals everywhere.

• Eco-Friendly, Low VOC
• Non-Skinning, Remains Tacky
• Permanently Flexible

The XtraBond line of cold storage sealants comes in many different varieties to meet the needs of different applications.  Available in many different color and formulation options, Premier has products that are unmatched in the rigid needs of the cold storage industry.

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Products for the Cold Storage Industry: